Important Note: You must either take Program 1 or Program 2.
You are not required to take both programs.

  • PROGRAM 2 – $545 – CLICK HERE for a printable $545 enrollment/registration form. THIS PROGRAM SHOULD TAKE 8-16 HOURS TO COMPLETE IN THE CLINIC.


In the state of California a Dental Assistant must have their California Radiation Safety (X-Ray) certificate to be permitted to take x-rays in a dental office. In addition, all applicants for Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) licensure must submit evidence of having completed an approved radiation safety course.

Orange County Dental Institute is a California Dental Board approved course provider that certifies students in Radiation Safety and upon completion of our course we will issue an X-ray certificate/license to the student.

This course includes lecture and clinical application of x-ray safety, bisecting and parallel techniques, film exposure, processing and mounting of non-digital x-rays, digital x-ray(Dexis) training, and evaluation of both digital and non-digital dental x-rays. For this course, we will be using online and in-class lectures, instructional videos, and one-on-one training using dental x-ray manikins and live patients. The California Dental Board will be notified upon successful completion of the Radiation Safety Certification course.

This program is for students who have little to no experience in Dental Intra-Oral Radiography and/or need to have all 4 clinical patients treated at Orange County Dental Institute for their full-mouth x-rays(FMX). The program length is a maximum of 2 days or 16 hours, commensurate to your ability.

  • Student must wear scrubs, wear hair pulled back above collar, and not wear open-ended footwear.
  • This program is all- inclusive and includes all supplies.


  • Must be able to communicate in English
  • Must have 8-hour Infection Control certificate
  • All students must have a minimum of six (6) months experience in dental assisting in the United States and provide documentation from the dental office. This documentation must include:
    • Dates of employment/experience
    • Must be written on office letterhead (including office address and phone number)
    • Must be signed AND dated by supervising dentist


  • Be a graduate of a dental assisting program


  • Be currently enrolled in a dental assistant program


Photocopies of the above documents must be included with the registration form. Payment and the complete registration packet must be received 48 hours before the first day of class. Incomplete prerequisites will not be accepted and students will be rescheduled for the next start date.

 Patient Criteria for FMX at Orange County Dental Institute:

  • Must be at least 18 years or older.
    – Must have no more than 6 missing teeth and at least 26 of their natural dentition present.
    – Must have no history of cardiovascular or kidney problem.
    – Must not be pregnant.
    – Must not be in any orthodontic appliances (including permanent or fixed retainers).
    – Must complete all the necessary forms at or before time of FMX.