Fee: $265

CLICK HERE for a printable $265 enrollment/registration form.

The Coronal Polishing course is a Dental Board approved course that will fulfill the requirements for unlicensed Dental Assistants seeking to become an RDA. After completing this course, the graduate will earn a certificate in Coronal Polishing.

This is a 2-session class:

Session One: 4 hours of on-line training. On-line training must be completed before Session Two.

Session Two:  After a written exam, the student will learn the step-by-step procedure of the coronal polishing through laboratory experience with a typodont/manikin. This lab portion will include fulcrum techniques, polishing, applying the correct amount of agents and hand piece control. Finally, the student will perform coronal polishing on three(3) patients, two timed and one un-timed. The final exam will conclude Session Two. Passing grade on the final exam is 75% or higher.

Candidates must provide three(3) patients for the course.

The criteria for these patients are:

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Calculus-free.
  • Moderate plaque present.
  • Must not be in any orthodontic appliance (including permanent or fixed retainers).

Student must:

  • Bring protective eyewear. Gloves and mask will be provided.
  • Must be able to communicate in English.
  • DA qualified to take the RDA exam. DA must send with registration copies of:
    • Current CPR card(AHA or ARC)
    • California 8-hour Infection Control Certificate
    • California Dental Practice Act
    • Radiation Safety Certificate
  • Student MUST complete on-line training and pass on-line quizzes BEFORE SESSION TWO.
  • Student must wear scrubs, wear hair pulled back above collar, and not wear open-ended footwear.